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Meet the members of Phoenix
Liam Mullane
Lead Guitar & Vocals
Liam is a technically gifted and passionate guitarist, playing in various wedding and corporate bands since the age of only 14.
Liam has played in every county in Ireland, and has also gigged across the UK on numerous ocassions. Known for his great stage presence, Liam has a natural unique rapport with every audience.
Liam is also a qualified sound engineer, so has a huge passion for equipment and is a perfectionist when it comes to the sound.
Margaret White
Lead Vocals
Margaret (or Mags) is the lead vocal and centre point of the band, with a truly unique voice and a beautiful tone.
Mags comes from a strong musical background, with her mother being a jazz singer and her father an accomplished clarinet player.
An emotional and powerful singer, Mags has the vocal range and ability to comfortably cover all genres of music ranging from the classic 50's songs to modern day hits.
Ciaran Manning
Drums & Percussion
Ciaran first came on the music seen at the age of fourteen with the Manning Brothers, of which he is the son of Jerry Manning.
Since then, Ciaran has been in various bands throughout the years, and has played across Ireland from cork to Belfast, and further afield in Holland and Germany to name but a few.
With years of experience, Ciaran adds a great dynamic to the band, providing groovy beats and sheer power behind the kit.
Shane Murphy
Bass Guitar & Vocals
Shane not only brings huge bass lines that make every song bigger and better, he has a stage presence that is second to none!
He has played in numerous wedding and function bands and brings years of experience with him. Shane is an accomplished singer and multi-instrumentalist, and has raised Phoenix to a new level.
Shane's monstrous bass style and Ciaranís thunderous rhythms are the engine room of the band, creating pulsating grooves that allow Liam and Mags complete freedom to display their musical ingenuity.
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